Our History


According to the holy scriptures of the Bible, it was  promised to us that in the last days the Lord of God will send his servant who is the comforter promised by Jesus Christ .The same thing that has happened in Sodom and Gomorrah is happening in the last day, and in 1909 some 04/06 a baby was  born under the constellation of three stars as it was in the time of the Lord Jesus Christ .This person demonstrated the sign that Abraham saw before the Lord destroyed the earth, William Marrion Branham countlessly showed the signs .And we believe that God was born on 04/06/1909.

William Marrion Branham was born under the constellation of three stars and even the day of his birth the pillar of fire 🔥 was there. While Moses waited at age 80 years old to have the pillar of fire.Then  this Jesus was batptized at 30 years old at the Jordan river to have the pillar of fire . But this man of Kentucky just a few minutes after his birth the pillar of fire 🔥 descended on him and the red throat bird sung with all its strength and this light accompanied him throughout his life and in accordance with the writing which says that the light of the Lord is the Lord and it is the Lord himself,

Looking at all this we have seen the courage that Peter had after the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ he had the courage to publish the testament This applies to us today we have the same courage to preach and talk about William MARRION BRANHAM. He is the comforter that Jesus promised He is the angel that appeared to Abraham, the holy spirit of God today.

If you want to know more about William Marrion Branham go to "Branham.org " You can order sermons and audios from the Voice of God recordings.